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We’re a few weeks away from the joint Facebook debut of NanoStar Castles and NanoStar Siege, the first two games in our NanoVerse™ game system. Both games feature simple and short gameplay sessions placed in a medieval fantasy theme, although future games will use a wide variety of settings. You can play these games for free and each of them features the use of 10 different NanoStar characters absolutely free. And you can play against other real players that are building a collection of NanoStar characters, and see characters in action even if you don’t own them yet. That gives every player a taste of the first edition of 151 unique, collectible NanoStar characters.

Many Facebook games are called social games because they spam your friends with requests like, “add me to your mob”. But in those games, you’re not really being social or actually playing with your friends. You’re just being forced to use your friends to help the viral spread of the game, which helps you advance in the game. So social games haven’t been that social, until now … With the NanoStar games, we believe that anyone who takes a close look will prefer these games, because they are fun to play with friends, and designed so that all of your friends will feel capable of playing them.

While NanoStar Castles plays like a compelling yet simple trading card game, NanoStar Siege is in the Tower Defense genre that is all the rage in casual gaming today. But we’ve taken the gameplay well beyond the norm, both in the genre and for Facebook. It has a “next gen” feeling in terms of the interactive graphics and animations. NanoStar Siege is a great game for live, two-player play with a friend, and instead of just Defense, we have added Offense. And of course, NanoStar characters will become power-ups in the game, which we call Heroes.

In NanoStar Siege you wage war with other kingdoms by attacking and defending for might and glory. As you advance in honor and fame, your title and rank will change allowing you to show off your progress to your Facebook friends. If you purchased any powerful NanoStar characters for the NanoStar Castles game, they are immediately available to serve the new and unique purposes in the NanoStar Siege game. For example, many of you know our character, Crazy Penguin from games like Crazy Penguin Catapult or our brand-new iPhone game, Crazy Penguin Party. This character may be cute but he’s all business and prepared to sacrifice himself to the penguin cause. In NanoStar Castles you should not be surprised to hear that he is a Noble that turns into an actual catapult that launches him into the opposing castle to knock out opposing Nobles.

When Crazy Penguin comes over to NanoStar Siege, the penguin turns into a unit called Bandits that unleashes a group of Skirmishers at any spot on the battlefield that you choose, as if they parachuted in … no, I guess they probably got there by catapult! There are equally fun things to do with each NanoStar character in every game, and they really make these games distinct while offering more variety and value. And then every NanoStar character that you have collected for NanoStar Castles and NanoStar Siege will soon have another unique game where you can have new kinds of fun.

NanoStar Siege in the beginning gives you some basic military units like archers and swordsmen that you can arrange on what is basically the medieval equivalent of a football field. You can earn gold from victories that allow you to buy more reinforcements. The NanoStar characters turn into Heroes that create much more gameplay variety and powerful fun: things like poisoned arrows, damage to enemy morale, traps, armor-piercing arrows, assassins, cavalry, cannon, or a hail of bonus arrows. Lots of features for higher value but still presented in a simple gameplay experience where you are just pushing buttons. You can jump right in and play without knowing very much, but with these games, the more you play the more subtle and layered your strategies will become. There is infinite gameplay depth compared to virtually all other offerings on Facebook. I can’t wait for these games to go live!!

On the Left: Crazy Penguin is a NanoStar character and can be acquired via NanoStar packs.

On the Right: In the NanoStar Castles game, your Crazy Penguin character turns into a Catapult that you can use in-game to improve your chances of winning.

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  1. Arthur Cavalcante
    February 28, 2010

    Sounds interesting, I’m gonna check out these games.

  2. March 24, 2010

    [...] Defense genre — but with offensive capabilities. As Hawkins recently wrote in his company blog, “the penguin turns into a unit called Bandits that unleashes a group of Skirmishers at any [...]

  3. March 25, 2010

    [...] Defense genre — but with offensive capabilities. As Hawkins recently wrote in his company blog, “the penguin turns into a unit called Bandits that unleashes a group of Skirmishers at any [...]

  4. March 25, 2010

    When are they coming out? Just read the article on insidesocialgames

  5. afreeman
    June 22, 2010

    They’re out now!

  6. muhsy
    December 5, 2011

    me like game nanostar siege
    can not fool

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